Turn2Marketing Concepts Offering End of Summer Opportunities for Team Members

Turn2 Marketing Concepts leaders have several opportunities for end-of-summer travel to conferences and events.

‚ÄčTravel opportunities to go to conferences and other industry events are one of the favorite perks that team members at Turn2 Marketing Concepts enjoy. With lots of travel already planned for the end of the summer, the team is gearing up to network, play golf, learn, and bring value back home to the company.

"We find that travel is a very beneficial way for our team members and seasoned leaders to get great training and networking opportunities," said David, Managing Director at Turn2 Marketing Concepts. "Our team members get exposure to many different ideas and ways of thinking and then get the opportunity to talk with and work with different people from across the country. This is a powerful catalyst for learning and cementing new knowledge that they can bring back to our office to help us succeed."

Admin Megan is headed to a conference for all company admins to learn how to keep the office running smoothly. At the end of August, Megan and several seasoned leaders will be attending the leadership conference in Dallas, Texas as well. This meeting has several great speakers, educational seminars on leadership, structure, and systems, and will also highlight top leaders in the industry. Also in August, several team members attended a golf tournament in Maryland for a little fun and networking.

Travel Opportunities With Turn2 Marketing Concepts Can Also Involve Fun

"It's not all about learning and networking," continued David. "We also try to have a little fun as a team. The golf tournament we participated in this month is a great example of our team coming together and competing for fun. Of course there's networking involved, but it's very different to meet and talk to people on a golf course than at a conference. Oftentimes play can help people relax and give them common ground other than their work. This, in turn, deepens relationships quickly."

"Team building is important both within our office and our industry," said David. "When everyone works and plays well together, the communication of ideas and insight is also good. Not only do people on our team feel supported by their colleagues, they also feel like they're being supported and empowered by the industry as a whole. Travel opportunities, like the leadership conference and especially fun ones like the golf tournament, are great ways for our seasoned leaders to strengthen their connections to other industry leaders."

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