Turn2 Marketing Concepts Planning for Growth in 2018

The Turn2 Marketing Concepts team is finishing up 2017 with a review of its accomplishments and planning for the next year. David, the Managing Director, indicated that he is expecting serious growth in 2018.

​David stated that 2017 was a great year for Turn2 Marketing Concepts. His team’s biggest accomplishments were expanding into Baltimore with a team of six people, then growing rapidly to over 25 people. Additionally, they were chosen to represent a new national service partner. They are aiming to continue this success and finish the year strong.

“I am so proud of everything my team has accomplished over 2017,” David said. “We are working to start a new campaign before the end of the year. We also have two team members lined up to be promoted to assistant manager positions.”

For 2018, David and the Turn2 Marketing Concepts have even higher aims. This will start with expanding to Chicago in February to build a campaign. The office in Illinois will initially be staffed with 15 people and will grow to 30. David is also working to increase the company’s financial resources. Finally, he wants to promote an additional two people to management roles during the year.

According to David, his team will have no problem realizing these ambitious goals. He asserted that they have a shared mentality and set of values that fuel the continued expansion of the company.

"You can either pay now or you can pay later, but either way, you are going to have to pay," he explained. “This business is all about investing your time on the front end. I want to make sure that everyone from the interviewees I sit down with to the new leaders of my company understand that yes, what we do is difficult, but you are doing the hard stuff now, so you can enjoy later.”

Turn2 Marketing Concepts’ Managing Director Discussed Goal Setting

Thorough goal-setting practices have helped David and his team ensure Turn2 Marketing Concepts’ growth. Their laundry list of accomplishments comes from hard work and vision.

“Goal setting is important to me because it keeps me structured and focused,” David explained. “I always have something to work toward. It is about finding a balance between being realistic while still aspiring to ambitious levels of growth.”

Looking forward to next year, he added, “I am extremely excited about my team members and their growth. Their determined efforts are the reasons the company and I are in this current position. As we push forward into the next five years, I see us working on numerous national campaigns from a home base in Chicago. With this team of professionals, I am certain we will realize that vision.”

About Turn2 Marketing Concepts: 

Turn2 Marketing Concepts is a go-to customer acquisitions firm known for campaigns that capture public attention and make waves in new markets. The team uses a flexible approach and customized messages to quickly secure measurable results. Core values, innovation, and collaboration score winning outcomes every time. Their expertise has paved the way to create big impact on targeted audiences. The firm has earned a name for success. As a result, Turn2 Marketing Concepts’ portfolio continues to grow. To learn more about how the company exceeds expectations, go to turn2marketingconcepts.com.

Source: Turn 2 Marketing Concepts