Turn2 Marketing Concepts Enjoys R&R in Dominican Republic

Top Turn2 Marketing Concepts producers will soon be attending a rest and relaxation weekend retreat in the Dominican Republic. Dave, the firm's President, shared some details of the trip and the benefits of business travel.

​There’s a certain attitude that permeates Turn2 Marketing Concepts, according to Dave. Primarily it’s an energetic and innovative office, with a team that’s always having a good time. People who join the firm find career opportunities that align with their values and allow them to pursue their personal and professional goals. It’s what makes the company culture unique.

One of the ways that Dave maintains this singular workplace atmosphere is through travel opportunities. He believes there is great value in travel and is proud that his team members get chances to journey together. Whether driving to another office for cross-training or flying to a national conference, Turn2 Marketing Concepts trips make great rewards for hard work and bring travelers closer together as teammates and friends.

The firm’s next excursion will take hand-selected individuals on a rest and relaxation retreat in the Dominican Republic. Those who are chosen will participate in networking opportunities with industry leaders from around the world, while also enjoying some well-deserved downtime. This is an incredible trip for anyone to have the chance to attend, and Dave wants people to know about this and other fantastic travel destinations offered by Turn2 Marketing Concepts. “I’m really excited about the trip!” Dave stated. “There is so much to do there, and all of our qualifying managers and team members are going to get a lot out of it. It’s always a good time.”

Turn2 Marketing Concepts Uses Travel to Build Relationships

One of the most important activities that Turn2 Marketing Concepts team members engage in when away from the office is networking. Whether they’re at a weekend retreat like the upcoming Dominican Republic qualifier, or just a local community gathering, they are still gaining access to influential people. These relationship-building activities bolster a professional’s knowledge and confidence, both of which are key to success. 

Along with the connections made with strangers, Dave noted that getting away from the workplace together strengthens camaraderie and collaboration in the office as well. When team members step outside their daily routines, they get to know one another on a personal level. This isn’t always possible during a normal, busy workday. 

By promoting travel in the firm, Dave is investing in the success of his team and his company. The rest and relaxation retreat in the Dominican Republic is sure to grow both careers and the business as a whole.

About Turn2 Marketing Concepts:

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Source: Turn2 Marketing Concepts